Bright Faces

Bright Faces school/Alfikr Almunir:


The civil war in Syria has caused the displacement of over 13 million people within Syria and country and across the globe.

Thousands of children are located in refugee camps near the Syrian-Turkish boarder, and have been left without schooling for few years.

Dr. Ahmed Al Sabbagh and Sister Rihab Gharib were involved in mental and general health and education of children and women in Atmeh camp, Idleb at the Syrian Turkish boarder.

Sister Rihab Gharib saw an urgent need to get children back to education so she started Bright Faces (Alfikr Almunir) school at the camp on Oct 15, 2014 with the help of her family members and friends in Canada.

Peace and Progress International is a Canadian non-profit organization founded by Dr. Ahmed Al Sabbagh and Mrs. Chaza Hadaia, and Mr. Majd Bakri. The founders believe in peace, social justice and education for all.

With the help of a few more Canadians (Amanda Fordham, Hassan Kudsi, Amer Kanawati and others) who share the same values and concerns, they launched Project Bright Faces.

Human Concern International (HCI) is a charitable Canadian organization and Syrian Education Commission; a Turkish registered non-profit organization, were approached by Peace and Progress International to join efforts in delivering support to the Bright Faces School.

Donations can be made to HCI with a “Bright Face” written in the memo.

Tax receipts can be issued to each donner every year by HCI.

Project description:

To provide formal education to underprivileged displaced refugee children (grade 1 to 9) at Atmeh Refugee camp on the Syrian-Turkish border, Idleb, Syria.

The school will be under the supervision of the Syrian Educational Commission; a non-profit civil organization founded in Turkey by a group of Syrian Educators who worked hard on updating the entire Syrian curriculum from grade 1 to 12 to match the Syrian people’s dreams in building a future Syria on the basis of justice, respect of human rights and democracy.

Peace and Progress International with our partner Human Concern International as well as free men and women across the globe will work together to provide some hope through this educational project to underprivileged Syrian kids.

We are promoting human rights for all Syrians, right of access to education against illiteracy, gender equality, rights of minority groups to practice their culture and language and the right of any child to a safe and nurturing environment.

Our future plan is to expand the enrolment of the school and then to build another school for 10 – 12th grade and to provide further assistance to graduates in choosing their future career.