Bright Faces School

Raised $50000 Donors 40 Goal $60000

Bright Faces provides education to underprivileged displaced refugee children for grades 1 to 9 at Atmeh Refugee Camp on the Syrian-Turkish border in Idleb.
The school will be under supervision by The Syrian Education Commission; a non-profit civil organization founded in Turkey by a group of Syrian educators in exile who worked hard on modifying the whole Syrian curriculum from grades 1 to 12 to match the Syrian people dreams in building new free Syria on the bases of justice, respect of human rights and democracy. They printed 4 million school books and delivered them to schools in Syria and neighboring countries free of charge and with the support of Syrians as well as free men and women across the globe who cared about the Syrian catastrophe.
We want to join hands with Peace and Progress International and Human Concern International as well as respected Canadian organizations in providing a little hope through this educational project to a number of underprivileged kids at Atmeh Refugee Camp.